Saturday, November 28, 2009



(Make your wish..)


( By Using Your Right Hand )

JEM - press your abdomen
UM- press your heart
TEE- press your forehead and raise the right hand to above.

( make your wish...)

Every 6, 9, 12, 3 o'clock vice-versa,chant these always it would help everything in your life. Practise these with your heart with devotion daily.

Benefits of the 12 Mysteries of the Holy Spirit

- heal sicknesses and improve the health
- procure good fortune and prosperity
- promote harmonious relationships: family, friends, relatives and bf's or gf's.
- enhance learning of student
- protection against wrongfully law suit and to reconcile enemies.
- protection against witchcraft and malicious mishaps.
- et al

It would also gives protection for someone against ferocious psychic attack of OX.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Combat Spiritual C",)

This is an arcade game inspired me when I was a 23 years old and I love to master with it during my college stint. Taken from youtube, a boy on video playing of one battle level scenery for beginner.

Esoteric Spiritual Empowerment: The Origins

Traditionally, to enable achieve a spiritual power of an individual there are many factors could be found from its original sources:

1.)Studied from the original local grimoire
2.) Acquired from the instructions of human's master by means of either exoteric or esoteric.
3.) Received from the transmission of teachings of supernatural being.
4.) A Pact from Devils to due sacrifice of innocence in order to live, survive and past to the next generation.
5.) Ordered through God's permissions by claims a certain individual who communicated to him by death and resurrection of several times a long ago and sent him for a tasks of missions for the sake of salvation of humankind souls and delegates its spiritual power to a chosen students to continue its legacy considered this a Direct Godly lineage.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Divine power of Child Jesus

While the Child Jesus and his cousin, St. John were going back at home ,suddenly a minions of Lucifer were blocked on their way and attempt to steal the book of the future baptismal record of Jesus which carried by his cousin. The Child Jesus says,


And the minions of Lucifer explode on the air like a powder of dusts.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

On "Taga-Bulag" or The Power of Being Invisible

This was the Orasyon uttered by our Lord Jesus Christ in the temple when the Jews searching him inside around but they can't see him.


(By simply applying this just point the right index finger to the dislike person's forehead while walking without staring him or turning him back around, eyes should look down on the ground. And pass out the dislike person that would not notice you mysteriously.)

Poder or Empowerment within 49 days: ( Reinforcing with an Invocation latin prayers taken from The Secret Book Of Crie Eleison could take effect so strong and precise.)


WARNING: Only those dislike person has a bad intention to anyone would take effect this orasyon in good faith and If anyone use this in vain will suffer a negative karma.

The blogger has no karmic responsibility to anyone who intent to abuse this secret knowledge. And he does not claim the Orasyon as par excellent its efficacy due of result varies to any individuals accordingly. Remember,God is watching us from the distance.

Quest for Esoterica Spiritual Practices and Realization

Good News!

To my filipino brothers and sisters who became avid readers of my blog, I'm cordially invited to come and join me in a spiritual missions for the benefit of helping others as well as ourselves regarding our concern in every mundane aspect of our lives and find an answers to our problems.

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